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Sign the New Card! Recommitment Drive Underway

As we prepare ourselves to take on continued attacks against collective bargaining, WFT joins a recommitment drive to assure representatio.

For those who haven’t signed a union card yet, this is the card to sign that grants you full rights and privileges of a member in good standing.*

For those who already are signed members, we ask that you sign this new card.

For everyone, this will have no negative impact on your dues or your rights. Additionally, it will ensure we have our members’ most current information, which greatly opens and maintains the lines of communication.

Why is that so important?

Those leading the state and national charges in the attack on unions are counting on us to divide and weaken.

If our entire membership signs these new cards, it gives us a much better chance to remain united and strong as we fight to preserve the rights and benefits won by the labor movement over the last several decades and beyond!

Please sign and return to your rep or to the AFT office, and please encourage your coworkers to do the same. This is an easy step each member can take individually to collectively put our local in a better position to withstand the potentially changing landscape of organized labor.

*Full member rights include voting, running for office, and

attending the business convention and other WFT functions.

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